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Despite all my research there are still companies that I just can't seem to find information on. So I'm turning to you. If you have personel experience with these companies, photographs or think you might be able to expand on the questions I've posted below, please contact me. Your help could be key to unlocking their story.

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Chapter 7 - Smoke Jumpers

Chapter 8 - Rapid-Attack
Chapter 12 - A. Fecteau Transport Aerien Ltee
Chapter 18 - Buffalo Airways Ltd.
Chapter 22 - Coast Range Airways Ltd. and Trans North Turbo Air Ltd.
Chapter 24 - Evergreen Air Services Ltd.
Chapter 27 - Forest Patrol Ltd.
Chapter 29 - Gagnon Air Services Ltd.
Chapter 34 - Jonair (1988) Ltd.
Chapter 35 - Kenting Aviation Ltd. Chapter 38 - Maritime Air Service Ltd.
Chapter 41 - Miramichi Air Service Ltd.
Chapter 43 - Norfolk Aerial Spraying Ltd.
Chapter 47 - Nova Scotia Dept of Lands and Forests Chapter 50 - Quebec Government Air Service
Chapter 51 - Saguenay Air Service Ltd.
Chapter 52 - Saskatchewan Government Air Service and Saskatchewan Government, Northern Air Operations Chapter 53 - Saskatchewan Government Airways and Norcanair Ltd. Chapter 54 - Sherritt Gordon Air Transport Ltd.
Chapter 56 - Trans Provincial Airlines Ltd.
Chapter 57 - Wardair Canada Ltd. Chapter 58 - West Coast Air Services Ltd. Chapter 59 - Westman Aerial Spraying Ltd.
Flying Fire Trucks
The History of Aerial Fire Fighting in Canada
An upcoming book by Trevor McTavish