Calgary, AB, Canada - August 2012

On August 9, 2012 WestJet once again hosted a number of airplanes as part of our summer barbeque. Noticeably absent this year were the Snowbirds. Rumor had it they were kept from attending because they don't make a similar appearance at Air Canada. Truth or fiction? Who knows?

(Trevor McTavish)

Making up for the loss the Snowbirds were Vintage Wings with their P-51D Mustang and a collection of vintage and homebuilt airplanes from the Calgary area. Many of those were owned by WestJetters. (Trevor McTavish)

This year there were two T-28 Trojans in attendance, owned and flown by two Vintage Wings members. (Trevor McTavish)

Trojan 888 (foreground) was a recent arrival in the country, while 706 (background) was present at last year's summer barbeque. (Trevor McTavish)

One of the highlights was the arrival of the Vintage Wings Mustang. Yes its a cool airplane, but tucked in the backseat on the flight over from Springbank was everyone's favourite WestJetter - Herb S. (Trevor McTavish)

Back in his "hair on fire" days, Herb was a fighter pilot with 403 City of Calgary (Reserve) Squadron, where Vintage Wing's Mustang also served. As Herb's smile shows, he enjoyed the reunion. (Trevor McTavish)

Even thought its been 50-some years since he was last in a Mustang, Herb still knows how to strike the atypical fighter pilot pose... (Trevor McTavish)

...and did he ever look good in his leather jacket, silk scarf and RCAF cap. (Trevor McTavish)

(Trevor McTavish)

(Trevor McTavish)

WestJetter Randy T. was quite proud of his work getting the Mustang to the show. Last year the Mustang was supposed to visit the WestJet hangar (and several air shows), but the Merlin engine decided it needed a top overhaul instead. This year, everything went smoothly. (Trevor McTavish)

Even a certain Twin Navion made the five minute trip from Airdrie. Taxiing across Calgary International Airport took almost as long as the flight. (Trevor McTavish)

Having access to a scissor lift means I have the opportunity to snap aerial photos, unlike anyone else in the hangar. I like how it affords a different point of view. (Trevor McTavish)

Like this elevated head-on shot of a Harmon Rocket aerobatic airplane in low-visibility Air Force markings. (Trevor McTavish)

Or this colourful two-seat Starduster 2 homebuilt biplane. (Trevor McTavish)

Getting off the ground makes it possible to capture the attractive starburst pattern on the wings and tails. (Trevor McTavish)

Or even into the cockpit windows of Kenn Borek Air's turbine powered Basler BT-67. (Trevor McTavish)

The Calgary Police Service also showed up with their HAWCS helicopter. They beat me for shortest flight. (Trevor McTavish)

WestJetter Don K. flew in his friend's CH801 homebuilt. One look shows this little four-seater is designed for simplicity and STOL performance. (Trevor McTavish)

Alongside the CH801 was Don's classic Shelby Cobra replica. The car goes way faster than the airplane. (Trevor McTavish)

One Harvard, two Trojans, a (Twin) Navion and a Sabre. If we could have found a B-25 Mitchell to put on display, we'd have amassed a line up of almost 20 years of North American Aviation airplanes. (Trevor McTavish)

I thought this was a neat shot of the Starduster biplane and much larger Basler. (Trevor McTavish)

One of the last planes to arrive was also one of the biggest, an Antonov An-2 Colt biplane. Its owned by WestJet founder Don B. (Trevor McTavish)

(Trevor McTavish)

A big reason for the success of these airplane appearances is Rob B. It's not just a one-day job getting these planes into Calgary, and Rob spends quite a lot of effort making sure everyone's needs are met. His daughter Michelle, has also been very helpful for the past several shows. (Trevor McTavish)

(Trevor McTavish)

Way to go WestJet - another successful summer barbeque. (Trevor McTavish)

(Trevor McTavish)

WestJetter Fraser P. (Trevor McTavish)