Calgary, AB, Canada - December 2012

On December 7, 2012, Calgary's WestJet Airlines celebrated the arrival of their 100th Boeing 737NG airliner. Their first 737NG had arrived back in May 2001. Part of the day's events included speeches by Boeing, General Electric, ACG (the leasing company), as well as the Alberta Premier and the Member of Parliament for Finance.

Crowds started assembling early, not just because of the airplane, but also the free food. (Trevor McTavish)

According to everyone in the office, I'm the last person on Earth to discover that it's possible to have M&M candies custom-made with your choice of colours and decorations. They do make delicious centrepieces though. (Trevor McTavish)

WestJetters from across the country added their names to a banner marking the milestone. Mine's right there on the cowlings for the #1 engine. (Trevor McTavish)

Day 1 WestJetters Rob B. and Randy T. smile in front of the new arrival. Randy remembered back to a conversation in 1995 when WestJet founder Clive Beddoe, told him of a dream of having 100 airplanes. Hey Clive - we made it. (Trevor McTavish)

WestJet has only two airplanes flying in special paint schemes; 812, the Care-antee machine that looks like a giant bubble bath, and 820 which features a massive twitter hash tag. (Trevor McTavish)

WestJetters Bonnie V. and Lyndsay S. pose with one of the glossy posters handed out to everyone as part of the day's celebration. Food and drinks were also on the menu. (Trevor McTavish)

WestJetter Terry P., enjoys the day's celebration. (Trevor McTavish)

WestJet has always tried to register their aircraft with registrations that included the letter 'W' even though the company uses the aircraft's fleet number as its identity. In this case, C-GAWS will be known as aircraft 820. (Trevor McTavish)

Who photographs potato chips? I do, because I love the vibrant colours and I get to eat them when I'm done. (Trevor McTavish)

Boeing's Field Service Representative, Roy P. was all smiles. Since they started in 1996, WestJet and Boeing have built an impressive relationship. (Trevor McTavish)

WestJet's President and CEO, Gregg Saretsky poses with a large model of the 100th 737NG. It's a whole lot easier to put your arm around a model than a full-size 737. (Trevor McTavish)

Day 1 WestJetter - Herb S. (Trevor McTavish)

Day 1 WestJetter - Tom W. (Trevor McTavish)

Day 1 WestJetter - Chris M. (Trevor McTavish)