Innifail, AB, Canada - June 2007

The Central Alberta Gliding Club is an active group based out of the former RCAF training airfield at Innisfail. (Trevor McTavish)

It's not until you see one up close that you realize just how small the early Pitts Specials truly are. (Trevor McTavish)

If there's one thing that'll bring pilots together for a day of flying its beautiful weather and food. Thanks to the Innisfail Flying Club everyone leaving today left with a belly full of pancakes. (Trevor McTavish)

With a belly full of food, the tiny cockpit of a Cessna 120 can become even more cramped. (Trevor McTavish)

A beautifully restored Second World War Stearman departs for home in Lacombe. (Trevor McTavish)

Warm summer weather and sunny skies, wasn't that why open cockpit airplanes were first built? (Trevor McTavish)

Built back in 1978, this homebuilt Davis DA-2A had a way to go on her return to Strathmore. (Trevor McTavish)