Calgary, AB, Canada - August 2007

On August 15, 2007 Canada's air demonstration squadron, the famous Snowbirds, paid a lunchtime visit to WestJet's Calgary hangar. This is an excellent opportunity for the team's members to network with a potential employer, and WestJet employs dozens of ex-CAF pilots. (Trevor McTavish)

Every Snowbird visit is proceeded by a visit from the Public Affairs Officer. It's the PAO's job to ensure everything has been taken care of before the rest of the team arrives. (Trevor McTavish)

Two Tutors turn in to the WestJet parking ramp. Normally this ramp is big enough to hold several Boeing 737s, but today, its host to the famous Snowbirds. (Trevor McTavish)

Three Tutors manage to obscure the Calgary skyline (as well as each other) with their exhaust. (Trevor McTavish)

With just inches to spare, Snowbird number 9 rolls on to the WestJet ramp. Notice the breast cancer awareness ribbon on the vertical stabilizer. (Trevor McTavish)

What is it with those darn airport vehicles? Whether it's a security truck or a fire truck, they always seem to find their way right into the background of any good airplane picture. (Trevor McTavish)

Here's a view you don't get with your airshow ticket. Only an airside security pass and an understanding Public Affairs Officer will grant such access on a busy international airport. (Trevor McTavish)

Once the planes had been secured, the Snowbird team members came over to visit waiting WestJetters. WestJetters were encouraged to bring their families out for the event. (Trevor McTavish)

Of course, everyone made sure they left with a plate full of summer barbeque. (Trevor McTavish)