Calgary, AB, Canada - August 2008

On August 14, 2008 the Snowbirds dropped by WestJet's Calgary hangar for a barbeque lunch and visit. Its become a bit of a summer tradition that began back in 2006. (Trevor McTavish)

Before every Snowbird performance, the Public Affairs Officers arrive to ensure that all the necessary arrangements have been made. Being airplane people already, and with many ex-CAF personnel on staff, there's never been a problem accomodating visiting CAF aircraft. (Trevor McTavish)

Since they were reactivated on April 1, 1978, 431 Squadron has operated the Canadair CT-114 Tutor. They've represented Canada and the Canadian Armed Forces in thousands of airshows and entertained countless millions. (Trevor McTavish)

Here's an interesting view that few outside the maintenance crew see - the smoke system tail pipes. (Trevor McTavish)

As you can see, there were hundreds of people waiting for the Snowbird's arrival. (Trevor McTavish)

Have you ever noticed that sometimes, while you're running between locations or switching gear, you still manage to snap a descent photo, but that next photo is crap, even though it's only a fraction of a second later? (Trevor McTavish)