Red Lake, ON, Canada - July 2006

Buzzing with excitement from our Beech 18 flight (and with nothing else to do in Red Lake), my father and I enquired about chartering one of Chimo Air Service's Norsemans for another 'familiarization' flight. At first they were hesitant because they'd be selling rides on Saturday and Sunday, but when another father-son pair asked for the same thing, and the town of Red Lake stepped up to charter the plane for a video shoot, plans changed. (Trevor McTavish)

First however, we had to wait for a rain shower to pass. That wasn't a problem; remember I did say there's nothing else to do in Red Lake. (Trevor McTavish)

Thankfully the nice folks at Chimo Air Service let us climb inside Norseman CF-JIN and stay dry while it rained. (Trevor McTavish)

When the weather cleared, six of us (including the pilot) climbed aboard and discovered there's truth to the "five mile takeoff" that seasoned Norseman pilots joke about. (Trevor McTavish)

We cruised around the Red Lake area so the camera man in the back could get some nice footage of the lakes and forests. (Trevor McTavish)

Imagine the tranquility that a cabin like this would offer - no neighbours, no roads, no phones. (Trevor McTavish)

Red Lake Airport is deceiving for the size of the town. Wasaya Airlines has a shop at one end, and the Ministry of Natural Resources has a base at the other end - effectively doubling the airport's size. (Trevor McTavish)

Then we cruised over Red Lake for some video of the town. Remember that smile my dad had after flying the Beech? I think mine was now just as big. (Trevor McTavish)

After flying Chimo Air Service's Beech and their Norseman, it was time to say goodnight. The Norseman Festival would start tomorrow. (Trevor McTavish)