Red Lake, ON, Canada - July 2006

While we were wandering around Red Lake during the Norseman Festival, another father and son pair, who were visiting from England asked if we'd like to join them for a ride out to the airport where a Hawker Siddeley HS748 was scheduled to arrive. Not having anything better to do, we accepted their offer. (Trevor McTavish)

At the time, there were still several HS748s flying around Western Canada, so I wasn't too excited, but according to the Englishmen the noisy machines are all but extinct in European skies, and after experiencing the Hawker's arrival I have to admit, they are noisy! (Trevor McTavish)

Since it was the end of day's flying, the engineer came out and performed the daily maintenance when we asked if we could poke around. (Trevor McTavish)

As I'd said before, there were still Hawkers flying in Western Canada, so I only snapped a couple shots, mostly of the exterior. (Trevor McTavish)

Of course, within a couple years it seems all those Hawkers have disappeared from Western Canada, and all I have to remember them by are my handful of snapshots and the memory of those ear piercing Dart engines screaming in my ears. (Trevor McTavish)