Calgary, AB, Canada - June 2013

After 17 years, Canadians have become more than familiar with WestJet's famous customer service and all-white Boeing 737NGs, of which they now operate more than 100. In order to reach smaller markets, WestJetters agreed to start a regional airline called 'Encore'. (Trevor McTavish)

After 16 very busy months of work, the big day arrived on June 11, 2013 when the first airplane, a NextGen Bombardier Q400 touched down in Calgary. But what do you do while waiting for the plane to arrive? Take pictures of taxiway lights and lead-in lines of course! (Trevor McTavish)

The big moment arrives as aircraft 401, C-FOEN, makes its way slowly down taxiway Foxtrot towards the WestJet hangar... (Trevor McTavish)

...past some photographers... (Trevor McTavish)

...and on to WestJet property. Welcome to Calgary Encore! (Trevor McTavish)

WestJet's Calgary hangar can hold four Boeing 737NGs and could easily fit even more Q400s, but Encore will soon be getting a custom-built hangar and office complex in the northwest corner of the Calgary International Airport. (Trevor McTavish)

Even as an employee, I have to admit that WestJet has a very basic colour scheme, but at least the Boeings have grey wings. To paraphrase Henry Ford, "You can have any colour you like - as long as it's white." (Trevor McTavish)

I'm sure this will be a sight soon seen all across Canada - WestJet's 737NGs and Encore's Q400s sharing the same ramp. (Trevor McTavish)

Security requirements, a late arrival time and threatening rain clouds meant WestJetters wouldn't be allowed up close to aircraft 401, but that didn't stop roughly 100 people from welcoming the new airplane. (Trevor McTavish)

While the airline that flies the airplanes is known as Encore, for the traveling public, guests will continue to book everything as if they were enjoying a traditional WestJet flight. (Trevor McTavish)

Chief Pilot John A. and Bombardier's delivery pilot were happy to finally call it quits, following a two-leg flight from Downsview to Winnipeg to Calgary. (Trevor McTavish)

Just as our newest airplane arrives, its been announced that 10 of our oldest 737NGs will soon be sold to Southwest Airlines. Its hard to believe we've been flying the 737NGs for 12 years. (Trevor McTavish)

Way to go team Encore! Even though this is only a fraction of the group. (Trevor McTavish)

Doran H. - Encore. (Trevor McTavish)

Karen K. - Encore Technical Operations. (Trevor McTavish)

Ken P. - Encore Technical Operations. (Trevor McTavish)

Glenn O. - Encore Technical Operations. (Trevor McTavish)

Alex L. - Encore Technical Operations. (Trevor McTavish)

John C. - Encore Technical Operations. (Trevor McTavish)

Roger L. - Encore Technical Operations. (Trevor McTavish)

James T. - Encore Technical Operations. (Trevor McTavish)

Richard M. - Encore Technical Operations. (Trevor McTavish)

Roger M. - Encore Technical Operations. (Trevor McTavish)

Ferio P. - Encore President and CEO. (Trevor McTavish)

It might be new but that doesn't mean that maintenance doesn't have to take a quick check for leaks and loose parts. John C. checks the #1 engine... (Trevor McTavish)

...and Glenn O. checks #2. Thumbs up, everything's good. (Trevor McTavish)

Here's what the guests will see - leather seats and a bright, clean interior with the most advanced active noise cancelling sound proofing Bombardier offers. (Trevor McTavish)

For the pilots, the Q400 has an EFIS instrument panel but just like your television screen, they don't look very impressive when the power is turned off. (Trevor McTavish)

Here's something the Boeings are missing - a propeller pitch control. (Trevor McTavish)

I have no idea whose fuzzy dice these are, but every airplane needs a personal touch. Hopefully they stay. (Trevor McTavish)