Airdrie, AB, Canada - July 2013

July 13 and 14 marked the 2013 Airdrie Regional Airshow, and while I was there, Friday provided the best opportunity to capture some of the performers up close as they practiced their aerobatic routines. (Trevor McTavish)

In actual fact, the real reason I made sure I was at the airport on Friday was because a coworker was riding over from the Calgary International Airport in the back seat of the Vintage Wings of Canada P-51. (Trevor McTavish)

If you look closely, you'll spot Randy's head peaking out from beneath the canopy. (Trevor McTavish)

It's a good thing I made it out on Friday, because I didn't have the right lens to capture the Mustang's Saturday routine, and on Sunday, the engine began losing coolant immediately after takeoff and the routine was cancelled. (Trevor McTavish)

A Harmon F-1 Rocket from Rocky Mountain House, AB. (Trevor McTavish)

Harmon F-1 Rockets from Rocky Mountain House, AB. (Trevor McTavish)

North American Harvard Mk.4 from Bassano, AB. (Trevor McTavish)

I think I'll entitle this image "Hey, what's in here?" (Trevor McTavish)

Super Dave Mathieson. (Trevor McTavish)

One of the big attractions was this BAe Sea Harrier that was on static display. For some reason this British fighter jet has ended up with a collector in Red Deer, AB. (Trevor McTavish)

Odd, but I think I could caption this image "Hey, what's in here?" too. (Trevor McTavish)

Stinson Reliant. (Trevor McTavish)

Don B. piloting the Antonov AN-2 biplane. Despite its size, the AN-2 is an impressive performer. (Trevor McTavish)

The star of the show was definately Sean D. Tucker. He does things with his custom-built biplane than shouldn't be possible - flips, cartwheels, stopping and starting. (Trevor McTavish)

And last, my favourite of the show, the air tanker demonstration by Air Spray and their Lockheed L.188 Electra. (Trevor McTavish)