Calgary, AB, Canada - Various years

Over the years several airlines have paid a visit to WestJet's Calgary hangar. Because of its size, and WestJet's willingness to rent the space we've seen several visitors through the doors. WestJet doesn't fix their planes, they just give them a warm space to work.

Apparently when the cold weather arrives, so do the problems with the MD80's nose landing gear seals. Several American Airlines MD80s have come inside to have their seals replaced. (Trevor McTavish)

This airplane is one of two Boeing 737-700 BBJs RAAF operated by the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) as part of No.34 Squadron based in Canberra. Because of its VIP interior, it's commonly used to carry the Australian Prime Minister and members of government but for a couple weeks it was based in Calgary so the crews could get some exposure to cold weather operations. Cold weather might be stretching it, when it was here the temperatures hovered around -10C. (Trevor McTavish)

Although the BBJ is owned and flown by the RAAF, its maintenance is actually performed by engineers on contract from QANTAS Airlines. Although you can't see him behind the fuselage, one of the engineers is supervising the loading of fuel before the BBJ takes off on one of its flights up towards Fort McMurray or CFB Cold Lake. (Trevor McTavish)

A Miami Air International Boeing 737-800 comes inside to defrost. It was chartered by an American NHL team that was in Calgary to play against the Calgary Flames. (Trevor McTavish)

Horizon Airlines' Bombardier Dash-8 Q400 about to undergo an inspection of the horizontal stabilizer. (Trevor McTavish)