The building of scale models was a hobby that my father passed to my brothers and I at an early age. As we have always been involved in aviation, it should come as no surprise that aircraft would be the focus of our efforts.

In early 1993 the three of us joined a upstart local modeling club, the Rocky Mountain Model Club. With a strong membership, it's been a source of information, learning and fellowship for the community. Thanks to many of the helpful hints given to me over the years, I've progressed from slap-together building to creating award winning models.

This portion of my personal website is dedicated to my modeling interests. While I've built hundreds of models so far, the ones on this site are some of my more recent, better examples. There are some models that feature nudity, either as the subject (figures), or in the finish (especially on WW2 aircraft). If the sight of naked women is offensive or if you are underage, I ask that you not view these galleries.

I used to build only aircraft, however I've found myself diversifying my collection to include a whole assortment of subjects that are of historical interest to me, or that simply capture my attention.

(March 18, 2016)